• Private consultation and education session
  • Follow-up individual treatments
  • General information session for groups of women (Think of your sorority, quilter's group, etc)

Cash or cheque only please. Submit your receipt to your medical insurance plan for reimbursement.

Please note:

A referral is no longer required for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.
"Ontario Legislature has proclaimed Bill 179 which expands the scope of practice of Physiotherapists. As of September 2011 a physician's referral (delegation) will not be required for Pelvic Health Physiotherapists to perform internal assessment and treatment of pelvic floor musculature relating to incontinence or pelvic pain disorders . Some medical plans still require a referral to be reimbursed for your treatment , check the details of your coverage"

Treatment sessions are eligible for insurance reimbursement when you submit your receipts.

Referral Form:

Note that you need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer to view the form. Click here to download it.